FAQ- Security and Privacy Plus, A Privoxy Powered Network Ad Block Solution

Proxy servers act as an intermediary between a user’s browser and the actual web server. Caching proxy serves store commonly web content locally so it can be served faster to local clients saving time and bandwidth. Non-caching proxy servers don’t store content but they still act as an intermediary and can be configured to do all sorts of useful things.

Yes, absolutely yes. This is the best case scenario and the easiest to install. The Privoxy will take load off of your proxy server by filtering out much of the unnecessary crap. Simply configure the “Upstream Proxy” field of your existing proxy server with the proper IP address and Port number of the Securityand Privacy Plus server. That’s it, kick back, tail the log file and look like the smartest and hardest working guy in the department.

Yes, if you want to block intrusive ads and Malvertising at the perimeter for all users including the elusive BYOD. If you really want to control more of what enters and leaves your network you will love this system.

Security and Privacy Plus, in our opinion, fixes website it doesn’t break them.
As real life, daily practicing, IT professionals and consultants, we knew this solution would not be acceptable if it created help desk calls. There are multiple features to address false positives depending on the support structure and/or the benevolence of the IT staff. Additionally, following the short setup guide for networks will ensure all of your important websites are not affected by whitelisting them.

FAQ- What they will say about Security and Privacy Plus, Next Vector Security, an Network Based Ad Blocking.

Yeah, thanks. You keep talking, we’ll keep blocking. When we started using Security and Privacy Plus in 2015 in corporate networks we felt “bad ads” or Malvertising would be the “next vector” of attack commonly used. Ad networks are basically huge tech companies run by executives with a marketing department mentality. Security is clearly an afterthought, and well, here we are.

Next Vector Security provides a preconfigured installation Privoxy we call Security and Privacy Plus. We have not and will not fork Privoxy, we are stronger together. Privoxy is free and open source software, you can inspect and modify every line of code and we hope you do. Let us know if you see any bugs in there. Thanks.

Actually no, a unilateral decision was made by website publishers and forced upon people without their knowledge or consent. Accordingly, we have a new proposal for websites- keep your malware infested, bandwidth hogging, and battery sucking ads. We also invite you to keep your tracking scripts, web beacons, and cookies, they will not make the return trip.

Protecting yourself against known threats is common sense. Bollixing up a family’s only PC to the point it doesn’t work and they have to pay hundreds of dollars to fix it, now that’s mean.

The Internet is already broken in many ways and is very much like the Wil Wild West. We recommend you proceed accordingly.
Uninformed people pushing things like “responsible encryption” will break the Internet.

Not true, the original version was created in the late 1990’s and was called JunkBuster. Fabian Keil and others re-wrote the software about 14 years ago. You can even see their pics on www.privoxy.org.

So let’s get this straight- a bunch of billion dollar advertising corporations start an after work meetup group to solve the problems they have created. I’m sure the mingling during happy hour is great, but we’ll keep blocking, thanks.