Drop in solution to any network

Environment 1: No Web Proxy in Use

If you have a network where no proxy is currently being used and users have to direct access to the Internet, no problem. Download and spin up the virtual appliance, configure browser proxy settings to point to appliance, and browse in peace.
Of course this is the high level overview. There will be a bit more work to do configuring the clients but we have a simple guide which, “Integrating Privoxy powered Ad Blocking appliance into your network”, will walk you through the process step by step. We recommend you test it on the IT staff first and once you are duly impressed, roll it out to the masses.

Environment 2: Web Proxy in Use

This is the best case scenario because you only have to configure one setting on your existing web proxy server, the upstream proxy field. If you are authenticating via your proxy server this will not change.
You should consult the “Integrating Privoxy powered ad blocking appliance into your network” guide before you roll it out for all the users to ensure a smooth integration process.