Built for Managed Service Providers

Next Vector Security, a company built by MSP business owners, has created Security and Privacy Plus and the web management system specifically with MSPs in mind.

Make security your focus- add it to your security stack

Show your clients how your MSP is on the cutting edge of security by implementing an extra layer of security that filters out web threats which are often ignored. Explain to them how Malvertising is a serious threat and can lead to ransomware and data breaches.

Server Groups

Whether they are within the same business or not, you can group servers and apply preconfigured templates for easy server configuration.


Have you found just the right configuration of threatlists for your specific clients? Once you have, you can create a template for the specific industry and apply it to new clients in the same industry as you bring them online.


Create whitelists and the server, client, or MSP level to make sure all of your client’s critical business partners websites are not being filtered.

Zero-day assist

Just read about a new zero-day threat and the article lists a dozen or so domains which should be blocked by your not sure how quickly this will update across the Internet? Add those domains to all of your clients simultaneously and roll out those changes within minutes. Security and Privacy Plus servers check in every 1 minute to look for updates. Once you are done, send an email to your customers with a link to the article and tell them about the protections you have instituted on their behalf.


Talk to your peers in forums setup to discuss uses and optimizations, contracts and pricing, and all aspects of implementing this system for your clients in the most secure and productive configuration possible.

Increase revenues with a new feature

Its almost the new year and the special time when we have those awkward conversations with customers about increasing contract rates. Its easier to raise the contract price when you have a new layer of security to go along with it. A $10/month cloud managed server can provide hundreds or thousands of dollars a month depending on the size of the install base and the services provided around it. Get creative, protect your customers and increase revenue.