Cookie management

We hae all experienced those creepy ads “stalker ads” that follow you around the Internet. Even after you have made a purchase you are still forced to endure ads for those products you have already purchased. Sometimes for another week or two.
This creepiness is brought to you courtesy of long lifetime cookies and tracking scripts.

Privoxy has had built in defenses to guard against this for over 10 years.

We are glad to see Apple and some others finally starting to include some mild protections against this type of abuse . Apple has wisely taken this page from the Privoxy playbook and it will serve them and their customers well.

Like anything else in life, you either manage it or it manages you. The Privoxy team realized this early on and made a determination that a delicate balance regarding cookie must be met. Websites needed cookies to function but user privacy also needed a “seat” at the table of Internet business. The Privoxy team nailed it and struck the perfect balance by creating the ability to change cookies to “session cookies”, allowing a shorter window for their existence while allowing websites to function properly while increasing user security and privacy.